When you purchase a stock image from us, you purchase the right to reproduce the image. You do not own the image itself but you buy 'permission' to use it

There are two types of license in stock photography:

  • The creative license: images can be used for commercial purposes, such as in an advertisements, in a brochure, on a website to promote goods or services. Images featuring people and/or property need to be model and/or property released (i.e. have signed permission from people and/or property owners who appear in images).
  • The editorial license: in the editorial market (primarly magazines, books, newspapers), images can ONLY be used as a descriptive visual reference, to illustrate an article for instance. Images featuring people and/or property do not require model or property releases to be used for editorial purposes.

And there are two types of rights models available for license:

  • The Royalty Free (RF) model. You will notice the icon Royalty Free icon for Royalty Free images.
  • The Rights Managed (RM) model. You will notice the icon Rights Managed Icon for Rights Managed Images. (as of 1 March 2018, photonewzealand no longer uses this model)


Here is a quick overview of the differences between the two licensing models. 


  RIGHTS MANAGED  Rights Managed Images icon
  Royalty Free icon  ROYALTY FREE

  • Images are generally of higher quality, have higher production values and are more unique.
  • Images are carefully controlled: we can tell you where an image has been used in the past before you decide to use it.
  • You can control where the image can be used in the future by purchasing the exclusive right to use an image for specific industries or territories.
  • Images can be easily priced online, after login, by using a handy price calculator.
  • Pay only for the use you need but always receive the hi-res file.
  • Discounts may apply for specific industries and large orders.




  • Easy one-time pricing.
  • One-time price based on file size required.
  • Images can be use for as long as you like.





  • Can only be used according to the terms of the license purchased.
  • If you wish to use a RM image for another purpose or for a longer duration than originally licensed, you must purchase another license.


  • Images are generally less unique.
  • No option to purchase Exclusive Use of an image.
  • No records are kept on who is using the images. So we can;t tell you where it has been used before.
  • Anyone else can use the same image or similar image(s). e.g. a competitor
  • If you buy a small file size (e.g. for web use) and later you want to use the same image for a larger display, you will need to purchase a larger size to be able to get the print output you need.



  • Shortly before a license expires, we send you a license expiry reminder. You can then decide to extend the license for exactly the same duration, a shorter or longer duration or to not renew the license.


  • If you decide to purchase a RF image, and are considering using the image for a variety of applications, make sure you purchase the largest size you will need. For instance, if you purchase a mobile format for an image, you will not be able to get good results if you decide to use the image and print it in an A4 format.
  • Images file size and resolution vary from one image to another. Read carefully the size guides available on the preview page and price list of each RF image to make sure you're purchasing the correct size.





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