Some of our current photonewzealand contributors have been working with us since the early 2000s. Discover what they have to say about photonewzealand, our team and our philosophy. Want to join our team too? Click here and fill out our application form.


"It’s great to continue our involvement with the team at photonewzealand. From our early days dealing with Rob and the inception of photonewzealand in 2000, through to the business’s current position as New Zealand’s leading stock agency, we have always felt that our opinions and needs as a contributing photographer were recognised and fulfilled by Rob and his team.

In fact, Rob has been as much a friend as a business associate and I think that’s a true reflection of the way he runs his business.  It’s great to know such people still exist in the industry today."


" I have been represented by photonewzealand right from the beginning when Rob started the agency almost 17 years ago. Since that time the photographic industry has been through huge changes. Rob and his team are always looking ahead and applying innovations to keep the agency fresh and competitive.

I value that the team of photonewzealand actively markets my images and keeps their photographers up to date about current trends. During my career I have been represented by a number of stock libraries but my collaboration with photonewzealand has been by far the most successful."


'Shooting stock photos for photonewzealand is both beneficial to my business, my inspiration and my bank balance;  It offers an avenue to explore personal shoots and projects without the pressures of clients, or the constraints of a tight image brief.  On a commissioned job I’m merely the technician delivering the shots as the clients requested.  Shooting for photonewzealand is entirely different.  While there is a chosen subject and genre, the progress of the shoot evolves in a  fluid way.  It’s an enjoyable experience that’s rewarding to shoot - both creatively and financially.  


As a smart businessman Rob is always looking to develop the business and push it forward to keep pace with the rapid advance of modern technology -  and an ever evolving market-place.  He and the team are there to help, offering their advice and guidance whenever requested."


" I chose to partner with photonewzealand because they had the most comprehensive catalogue of New Zealand based imagery, and it seemed like a great fit for my work.

Rob and the photonewzealand Team are thoroughly knowledgeable about all aspects of the photography business. In particular, Rob's assistance with contracts and business "problems" has been invaluable to me.

Rob and his team have always been friendly and approachable and have made time for me when I needed them.  They’re always on the look-out for new and creative opportunities for their photographers, and through them I’ve received fantastic assignments. The partnership has proven to be a valuable addition to my business."


"Being represented by photonewzealand is the only reason why I shoot for stock. photonewzealand is able to reach high-profile clients and to sell my images with attractive prices.

I get a high return for my stock images and, to me, photonewzealand is the best option to sell New Zealand images to both local and international clients."


"photonewzealand is a thoroughly professional and friendly outfit to work with. One of the few NZ stock agencies that has grown and adapted to the changing marketplace, hence its longevity.

They treat their photographers well and communication is timely and informative."